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koji kin

Koji Kin: The mold that makes Japanese people so healthy

The health benefits of koji-rich foods are numerous. Many researchers believe Koji Kin is the reason why the Japanese live the longest.

fish eggs

Fish Eggs: Benefits and side effects you should know about

Not only do you have to be careful about how many fish eggs you eat, you also need to watch what type you have to avoid any side effects.

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guest friendly hotel in bangkok

Revealed: The best guest friendly hotel in Bangkok

After sleeping at more than 100 hotels throughout the city, I finally found the best (and cheapest) Bangkok guest friendly hotel to bring a lady to my room.

dried coconut

Health benefits and dangers of eating too much dried coconut

Dried coconut has one of the highest percentages of fiber among all plant foods but you need to be careful what type you buy.

are italians black

Are Italians black? DNA tests reveal many have African blood

DNA tests tell us about all kinds of things like confirming a child’s true father and now a simple test can tell your genetic ethnicity.

Parp inhibitor

PARP inhibitor treatment could be effective in 20% of breast cancers

A drug known as a Parp Inhibitor, which is already used to help those with a genetic gene deficiency, could also be effective in 20% of breast cancers.

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