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New Jersey mobster back in jail after road rage attack

A New Jersey mobster is back in jail after he was filmed stopping in the middle of a highway to confront a driver in a road rage attack.

Jerry Balzano, an alleged soldier in New Jersey’s notorious DeCavalcante family, was driving along Route 17 in upstate New York when another motorist did something he didn’t like.

After apparently being cut off, video from the other driver’s dash cam shows Balzano driving in front of the motorist in the left lane.

Balzano slows down, then gets out of his car and approaches the other driver.

“You wanna play fucking games, you little cocksucker,” Balzano can be heard yelling at the man.

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“You wanna cut me off like a tough guy?” he adds.

“I’ll kick your fucking head in, you dirty scumbag,” Balzano says.

Sounds in the video indicate that Balzano also physically assaulted the man.

Eventually, another driver pulls over in front of the cars and comes to the motorists aide.

He puts his arm around Balzano and takes him back to his car. The mobster is then seen getting back into his vehicle and driving off.

The profanity-laced assault can be heard in the video below

Balzano, 54, was on supervised release for racketeering conspiracy when the incident took place and he’s now being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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