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Trump: Christopher Columbus statue crusaders must be stopped

christopher columbus statues
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Trump: Leave the statues alone!

President Donald Trump has criticized the idea of removing statues of Christopher Columbus and called for the preservation of history.

“We believe we should preserve our history, not tear it down,” Trump said at the Heritage Foundation’s annual President’s Club gathering.

“Now they are even trying to destroy statues of Christopher Columbus. What’s next? Has to be stopped, it’s heritage.”

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The controversy started when New York Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, a Puerto Rican native, suggested publicly that the city should consider tearing down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the creation of a commission in August following outcries from some New Yorkers who see Columbus as a symbol of Native American oppression.

Despite the public outcry, a new Marist poll finds that 56% of Americans have a “favorable view” of Columbus, with 28% reflecting an unfavorable view and the remaining group unsure.

Many Italian-Americans view Columbus as a celebration of their heritage.

But others, particularly Native Americans, Liberals, and those in New York’s Puerto Rican and Dominican populations, view Columbus as a symbol of genocide.

The commission’s review will end on Dec. 7 and the mayor will then make the final decision if the statues of Columbus need to be removed.

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You can see what President Trump had to say in the video below