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Air Baltic voted one of the world’s best budget airlines

air baltic
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Air Baltic has been named the world’s second-best low-cost airline for its on-time performance.

With 87.70 percent of flights departing on time, the Latvian airline ranked second only behind Iberia Express.

Using data from 2016, the annual report was published by aviation insights company

Air Baltic safety record

Founded in 1995, Air Baltic has never had any fatal accidents.

The airline has a perfect 7/7 safety rating by aviation analysis portal

The rating system was based on fatality records, operational history and audits from aviation’s governing bodies such as the FAA and ICAO, as well as government audits.

Unlike a number of other low-cost carriers, Air Baltic passed those tests with flying colors.

Air Baltic routes

The Riga-based airline connects the Baltic region with 59 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and the CIS.

The 59 destinations are:

Austria: Salzburg, Vienna

Azerbaijan: Baku

Belarus: Minsk

Belgium: Brussels

Croatia: Dubrovnik, Rijeka

Cyprus: Larnaca,

Czech Republic: Prague

Denmark: Billund, Copenhagen

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England: London

Estonia: Tallinn

Finland: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku

France: Nice, Paris

Georgia: Tbilisi

Germany: Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich

Greece: Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki

Hungary: Budapest

Iceland: Reykjavik

Israel: Tel Aviv

Italy: Catania, Milan, Olbia, Rome, Venice, Verona

Latvia: Riga

Lithuania: Palanga, Vilnius

Malta: Valletta

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Norway: Oslo, Stavanger

Poland: Warsaw

Russia: Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Scotland: Aberdeen

Slovakia: Poprad

Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca

Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm

Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich

Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi


Air Baltic pilot

Air Baltic pilot salaries vary greatly from the first year as a first officer to the 10th year as a pilot.

Latvia is a nice place to live. People are generally nice and welcoming to foreigners and the rent is a lot cheaper than the rest of Europe.

Most pilots live in the Riga center, with many living in Panorama Plaza.

This high rise development is within ten minutes of the airport by bus and usually has lots of apartments for rent.

The aircrafts are well maintained and the destinations are interesting.

Financially the company is sound and the outlook is positive so why not give it a shot?