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DNA tests reveal many Italians have African blood

are italians black
Many fans have asked if Nicholas Turturro and Melissa Gorga (pictured above) have any black blood in them, whilst another Italian-American celebrity was shocked at her DNA results.

Are Italians black?

Today we use DNA tests to tell us about all kinds of things — from confirming a child’s true father to the innocence of a man sitting on death row.

And now, Officials from West Chester, Pennsylvania – both the university and the borough – are out telling you your genetic ethnicity.

The DNA Discussion Project — started in 2006 — provides people with DNA test kits to learn about their own past.

“For the last 10 years, we’ve been doing a larger project, called the DNA Project,” said Anita Foeman, the lead investigator.

“We ask people to tell us what they know about their racial background and then we DNA test them for their ancestry and share the results with them.”

“It’s often so different from what people think,” Foeman said.

As an example, Foeman said she had a participant say she was 100-percent Italian.

Her results showed differently as it came back that she was African/European.

Some notable celebrities have taken part with the DNA test kit, including pop sensation Ariana Grande.

italian dna african
Ariana Grande. Photo: Shutterstock

Ariana has said that she has Italian ancestry, stating that both her father and mother are of Italian descent.

Ariana has found through DNA ethnicity tests that she is part North African and heavily Greek, which she tweeted to her 31 Million followers.

For those that haven’t seen the movie ‘True Romance’, Dennis Hopper’s character explained the ‘Are Italians black?’ question rather well.

You can watch the short clip below