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Brutal: Italian mobster breaks journalist’s nose

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Seconds before the brutal attack.

Italian mobster headbutts journalist

An Italian mobster has broken a TV reporter’s nose during an interview on local municipal elections in Ostia, a neighborhood in Rome.

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The shocking footage shows mobster Roberto Spada lunging out and headbutting TV interviewer Daniele Piervincenzi after being quizzed about his alleged connection to a far-right political movement.


The video shows Piervincenzi telling Spada, “I am here because newspapers said that you support CasaPound and this support has made CasaPound win 18% in Ostia”.

Spada replies: “I don’t know, I don’t read newspapers”.

As Piervincenzi asks more questions about his political allegiances, Spada brutally headbutts the TV reporter.

“You have been following me for two hours,” Spada says. The reporter can be heard saying: “You broke my nose, please calm down.”

The end of the footage shows Piervincenzi walking away with his face covered in blood.

Spada later responded to the shocking footage, insisting the TV crew had intruded and upset his family.

Spada added: “What would you have done? In the last 10 days at least 30 journalists have come to my house trying to break my balls, patience has a limit”.

Mr. Piervincenzi said he was just trying to understand the reasons for Spada’s endorsement of CasaPound when the attack occurred.

Spada now faces up to three years behind bars.

You can see the brutal attack in the video below