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Level Airline: New Low-Cost Carrier Is The Real Deal

level airline
Photo: IAG

Level Airlines

Budget travelers, rejoice.

There’s a new cheap airline called LEVEL (, and its offering international travel at a very low cost.

Barcelona’s El Prat airport will be the airlines’ new base and they will use a pair of new Airbus A330 jets.

Level will start operations in June 2017 with services from Barcelona to Los Angeles and Oakland.

Flights to Los Angeles will operate 2x a week and to Oakland 3x a week.

The company will also launch flights from Barcelona to Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Flights to Buenos Aires will operate 3x a week and to Punta Cana 2x a week.

Further cities will be added to the route map later, but a spokeswoman declined to name them.

Level airlines safety

Level will become the fifth airline brand for the International Airlines Group (IAG) that also operate British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling.

All of these airlines have a perfect 7/7 safety rating by aviation analysis portal

The rating system takes into account a range of factors.

These include audits from aviation’s governing bodies as well as government audits and the airline’s fatality record.

Unlike a number of other low-cost carriers, IAG owned airlines passed those tests with flying colors.

Level Planes

LEVEL’s Airbus A330s will be equipped with 21 premium economy and 293 economy seats.

Economy seats have 30-inch legroom, and there’s a 9-inch screen at every seat.

Tickets are $149 each way from Los Angeles and Oakland to Barcelona and the flights are nonstop.

Travelers can expect to pay additional costs for checked luggage, food and drink and seat selection.

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Considering that, on average, flights from California to Barcelona can cost anywhere between $800 to $1000.

So you’re still going to travel for much less with LEVEL than with any of the full-service airlines.

“Level will bring a modern approach at prices that are even more affordable,” said Willie Walsh, IAG chief executive.

“This brand is about leveling the playing field so more people have the chance to fly,” he added.